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February 3, 2005 by ShiruKu
Cats are such adorable creatures. I absolutely love them. I really admire these cute animals as they have their own sense of hygiene. They always take a bath eventhough they look clean enough to me. Of course, being wild animals and as it is their natural instinct, we'd have to train them to use the litter box for those undesirable business they so often do. But once they are trained, it'd be fun to take care of them especially cute,furry kitties. In my opinion, the younger you breed a ca...
February 1, 2005 by ShiruKu
So, first of all, I got hooked on the Final Fantasy series from the moment I started playing FFVII. This game is by far the best of all the FF series. There's no doubt about that. The gameplay is excellent. The battle strategy is insightful and full of action and suspense; in between trying to defeat bosses, you'd have to plan ahead to get the better of them..and it sure is tough! But everything in this game is well laid out and so well thought of that it's difficult to trace any flaws. The ...
February 1, 2005 by ShiruKu
This question has been bugging me for quite sometime now. Nowadays, we can see many sophisticated women who are highly independent and most of them are married to their jobs. These women are educated and are self-assured. This stems from the education sysytem giving way for women to study alongside men and think for themselves. instead of growing up and marrying. Women can now have other choices to make such as pursuing their own career and making their own decisions. In short, women have come a...
February 1, 2005 by ShiruKu
Hmm.. this is quite a tough question. Obviously, handphones nowadays are a must. Especially among the younger generation. Just a few years back, handphones were a rarity and people who owned them were usually the fabolously wealthy, furthermore, the handphones in those days were huge! They look somewhat like walkie- talkies and are so laughable.. to think that once upon a time there were people who even used it! but laughable as they are, these first handphones paved way to newer and sleeker mo...
January 31, 2005 by ShiruKu
Whoever thought that sitting at home doing nothing except playing Playstation2 and watching television plus eating and sleeping could be sooo much fun? It turns out that it's a lot more fun than sitting in a packed classrooom full of noisy classmates fooling around and making fun of teachers! At least, you can have all the time to yourself, be it night or day, be it Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday..or every other day that matters. Being tied to school is such a bore. Although it is fun with friends...
January 31, 2005 by ShiruKu
I've been playing FFX international for quite some time now. No doubt it's the best of the Final Fantasy series produced by Squaresoft apart from FFVII. The storyline is out of this world but it's something you can relate to. Tidus is an upcoming blitzball star who plays for the Zanarkand Abes when he is suddenly swept to another world which is completely different from his own but still maintain some cultures which are shockingly similar. He's lost and confused and the only person he knows is ...
January 31, 2005 by ShiruKu
Life is joy,
Life is sorrow
Life will change come tomorrow,
Life is born
Life moves on
Life reminisces memories long gone
Life is short
Life is sweet
Life is never ever discreet
Life should be rejoiced
Life should be embraced.
enjoy it not with haste
but with the utmost grace..