FFVII is still number one no matter how many FFs Square produces...
Published on February 1, 2005 By ShiruKu In Playstation

So, first of all, I got hooked on the Final Fantasy series from the moment I started playing FFVII. This game is by far the best of all the FF series. There's no doubt about that. The gameplay is excellent. The battle strategy is insightful and full of action and suspense; in between trying to defeat bosses, you'd have to plan ahead to get the better of them..and it sure is tough! But everything in this game is well laid out and so well thought of that it's difficult to trace any flaws. The best strategy in FF was introducing materias..boy did I have fun when my materias levelled up and from beating all the weapons..especially Emerald weapon. Even Nemesis can't beat this boss! Besides, there were a lot more magic in the game such as mini, full-cure and the most memorable music. Now, Square is releasing three games based on FF7 with the same technology used in rendering the graphics in FF8, FF9 and FF10 ..it's sure to be a big seller..I just can't wait to play them! It seems Square finally made up their minds to make up for the graphics in the original FF7 by creating the prequel and the sequel to this much loved game. And there's no doubt it will stand the test of time to be the best of the FF series.

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